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5 Movies that will make you crave for a box of Treat or Treats ;)

There are some movies which make you feel like packing your bags and travel, some that make you want to fall in love, some that get you all teared up and some that make you crave for something delicious. Here we have listed 5 movies that will make any dessert lover either bake something for themselves or get some dessert for themselves from anywhere.

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -  Willy Wonka announces a tour of his secret chocolate factory for 5 lucky winners with golden tickets to be found in chocolate bars. Charlie wins one of the golden tickets to the factory and takes us through a tour of this

magnificent chocolate factory. This movie is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. From giant candies to a river of chocolate, it takes you on a journey through every treat possible. If this movie doesn’t get your sweet tooth tingling then I don’t know what will.

2. Chocolat – The movie is about a young mother who moves into a small town in France with her daughter and opens a chocolatier. She faces many challenges but manages to change and impact lives of the people living there with her chocolates. This movie associates all problems, emotions and stories with chocolate.  You will especially start dreaming for the spiced up Mayan hot chocolate. At the end of this movie you will definitely be craving for chocolates.

3. Chef – A chef quits his job in a restaurant to start a food truck and also reinstate his relation with his son and wife. The movie shows many delicious and beautiful dishes created by the chef. But for a dessert lover the making of the berries and cream is pure bliss, right from the berries in the bowl to the dollop of cream on it and finally finishing it off by dusting icing sugar over it.

4. Julie & Julia Julie, who is bored with her job takes up a new assignment and starts a blog where she cooks recipes out of Julia child’s with the story of Julia in the background. This is a lovely movie on how food affects and changes people’s lives. A lot of amazing food is shown in the movie. But remember the scene where Julie prepares a chocolate and almond cake from Julia Child’s recipe book and she and her husband gorge themselves on the cake? Well after that you will definitely feel like going and baking yourself a cake or rush to the nearest bakery to buy one.

5. Ratatouille – This movie is about a rat who loves to cook. He makes an unusual alliance with a kitchen worker to be able to cook in a restaurant. The movie shows the rat cooking  dishes from warm soup to fresh salmon to the final dish that is the Ratatouille. Being a dessert lover the dish that will stand out for you will be the Meringue Pie .

Check out these movies and we promise as a foodie or a dessert lover you won’t be disappointed.

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