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MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN – Pairing the right dessert with your beverage

You just had a bite of a sweet chocolate muffin which you took you to food heaven and then you take a sip of your piping hot Darjeeling tea to wash it down and all of a sudden your tea tastes like hot water and all the flavors are gone with your taste buds screaming out at you to have ruined the whole experience. This is what happens when you pair up the wrong dessert with your beverage.

So here is a guide to make your dessert and beverage complement each other, so that you enjoy both separately and together.

TEA – Thumb rule is never to have pair a very sweet chocolate based dessert with your tea. Once had together it kills each other’s tastes. You should always pair you tea with a citrus fruit or some other fruit based dessert like a blueberry muffin or an apple tart, so that the dessert’s sweetness does not overpower that of the tea. Another great dessert with your tea is a light sponge cake which is fluffy and not too sweet. If you crave to have chocolate with your tea try something with dark chocolate, the sweetness of the tea and bitterness of dark chocolate marry each other in a beautiful manner.

COFFEE - If you are an espresso drinker then you have a type and you can pair your drink with a chocolate or caramel dessert. The sweetness after the bitterness of the coffee brings out both the flavors beautifully in your mouth. Other coffee drinkers can also pair their drink with a chocolate cookie or a muffin. If you add sugar to your coffee a dessert with coffee flavor helps you reinforce the coffee flavor for you. Another interesting twist would be to have your cold coffee with an ice cream…Yum!!!

MILK – The feeling you have after taking a bite of your chocolate chip cookie dunked in a cap of milk is Ah!!! – beyond words. Milk goes with any kind of cookie especially chocolate ones. And if you are like me who hates milk any dessert works with it. Anyways you should avoid having any citrus fruit based desserts.

Champagnes and sparkling wines – They are so versatile that they can be paired up with almost any kind of dessert. But if you are having a sparkling wine with a sweet base then you can pair it up with a piece of dark chocolate to enhance the taste of your wine by having a lasting effect on your tongue.

Beer – There are two ways of enjoy your beer- with a warm dessert and with a cold one. On one of those hot sunny days when you are enjoying a cold beer pair it up with an ice cream and it will soothe and cool you down to the core. Else you can have your cold beer with a warm vanilla or berry cake or muffin. And if you are having a stout pair it up with a chocolate dessert.

Now that we have told you the perfect desserts to have with your beverage, go and try it out yourselves. And you can thank us later.

P.S. – Don’t ever have water after a dessert if completely washes away the taste.

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