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Our Halloween Special October Box – Trick or Treating all the way…

Our October Box went out on the 29th October 2017. Since Halloween was just around the corner we decided on the theme “Happy Halloween” for the Box and it was all about trick or treating.

We had six treats in the October box from three very different and interesting sources – Cheesecake Republic, House of Cookies and House of Candy.


Cheesecake Republic gave us two desserts with very unique flavors – The Honey Almond Bars and The Tangy Lemon Tea Cake. House of Cookies gave us the chunky Peanut Butter Cookie and the Polka Dots (M&M) Cookie to celebrate the Halloween theme. They were packed with flavors. Finally some candy treats for Halloween trick or treating from House of Candy in the form of sweet and sour candies and chocolate candies. Our October Box was bursting with Flavors and Celebration.

Halloween was behind naming our brand “Trick or Treats” which made this month extra special for us too. We had so much fun making the October Box. Stay tuned for our November Box. We promise you more Goodness.

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