Our Monsoon Boxes go out in June and July

Our Inaugural September Box – A medley of Vanilla, Chocolate, Nutella, Sprinkles and more…

The September Box went out on the 24th September 2017. The rains were in full swing in Mumbai during that time and so we decided to aptly have the theme “Oh Sweet Rains” for the Box.  A box of artisan treats to be enjoyed in the rains.

We had six treats in the September box from two amazing bakeries – Love and Flour and Cake Pop Rush.

Sarah Patke from Love and Flour gave us the super  yum Nutella Brownie, Vanilla Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and the Sea Salt entered Chocolates.  While Priyanka and Sharanya gave us the delicious Belgian Chocolate Cookie Drops, the Cake Pops with sprinkles and the Oreo Pops. We tried to have a variety of flavours from Vanilla to Chocolate to Sea Salt. We also featured some favorites like Nutella, Oreos and Sprinkles J.  

We had an interesting start to our dessert subscription box journey. If you thought our September box was awesome we promise more awesomeness in the future. So come and join us on our journey of spreading sweetness.

Stay Tuned for our special Diwali and October Box.

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