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The KitKat Story from Japan

OK guys! So we are back from our trip to Japan and it was EPIC. What an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, rich history, deep rooted culture and a food lover’s paradise, right from meats to desserts.

Among all this amazingness the most interesting thing that caught our attention was the KitKat of Japan. So we decided to dedicate this post to the colorful culture of KitKats in Japan.

We were wondering why KitKats are so popular in Japan. One of the resons we found out was that the Japanese pronounce Kit Kat is “kitto katto”, which sounds like “kitto katsu”  meaning “surely win”, a term of good luck. Thus, KitKats are often given to students taking exams or to family and friends for good luck. You’ll often find a space to write encouraging messages on Japanese KitKat boxes as well.

Japan has come up with over 200 different flavours for KitKat in Japan. Another reason we discovered for this wild creativity has roots in a convenience-store business model that requires stores to bring in new products every two to three weeks. So special-edition flavors usually live on Japanese store shelves for two to three weeks and can be brought back by popular demand, as was the case with strawberry and green tea, the most popular flavors to date.

So after wandering around in Japan stores we were able to get hold of and tasted the following 12 flavours and each of them had a story to tell.


  1. Sake – The package said “no alcohol” but it definitely smelled of sake and it tasted a lot like sake too.
  2. Matcha double berry and almond – There were definitely tastes of matcha and the berries and almond and they came along well together.
  3. Cranberry and almond – This one is made of rich dark chocolate which overpowers the cranberry. One can taste the almonds but cranberry is completely lost.
  4. Iyokan (Japanese orange)  This one is Orange in colour. It tastes very citrusy, somewhat like candied orange
  5. Strawberry cheesecake – It is white in colour and has some cheesecake taste.
  6. Amazake – This one is white and contains 0.8% alcohol and smells of alcohol too.It tasted alcohol but not too sure about the Yamazake taste.
  7. Yogurt double berry and almond – The yogurt taste in this one is very strong. Give it a miss if you don’t like yogurt.-
  8. Uji Matcha – You taste the white chocolate base more with a hint of Matcha taste. This is perfect for people who don’t like the taste of green tea much.
  9. Dark Matcha  This one is a deeper green in colour and has bitter notes of matcha in it.
  10. Matcha leaves – This one is speckled with match tea leaves. The taste borders on bitter. If you are a Matcha lover this one is definitely for you.
  11. Strawberry – This Kitkat has a tartness to it which makes its taste sour.
  12. Amao strawberry – This one is a specific type of strawberry and it taste sweet not tart at all

After tasting all the above flavors of KitKat it was time for the grand Finale.

So Tokyo actually has its own exclusive KitKat store and we couldn’t miss this one. The store was amazing with so many types of KitKats on display and they were also serving desserts made of KitKat. We decided to try some of the exclusive flavors of the store. As these exclusive flavors were quite pricy we could taste only three of them.

Raw Sublime – It was a really rich dark chocolate bar and we really enjoyed it.

Sublime Macha – This one is speckled too. But the quality of white chocolate and matcha is really good. It’s not bitter and still you get the taste of matcha.

Sublime Ruby – This one is made of a special kind of chocolate called Ruby chocolate which is naturally pink in color. So this Kitkat has no added colour and gets its pink color from the ruby cocoa beans used. This tasted really fruity but since there were no fruits in the bar it was the pure taste of chocolate. This was the most interesting of the lot and it sells like hot cake.

So this was our KitKat story from Japan. Hope you enjoyed it and it helps you on your next trip to Japan or if we can find a way to get them in India ;)

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