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The Macaron Way – Fun Facts about Macarons

There is so much confusion and mystery around this heavenly dessert – The Macaron.

So we have listed some fun facts about the macaron here for you to know one of your favorite desserts better.


  • Is it a Macaron or Macaroon? It’s widely believed that macaron and macaroon are two different things. Macaron is a meringue based confection of egg whites, sugar and almond flour. The english derivation of the French word macaron is macaroon. So if a person calls a French macaron macaroon, he is not completely wrong. On the other hand there is the Coconut macaroon which is a baked confection of egg whites, sugar and shredded dried coconut.
  • Is it from Italy or France? Although the Macaron is famously known as the French Macaron it originated in Italy by Catherine de medici, future wife of duke of Orleans, Henri
  • Do they have fillings or not? The original macarons didn’t contain filling.They were extremely simple cookies made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites. In the 20th century Pierre Desfontaines had the idea to fill them with creamy ganache and sandwich them. Soon macarons became the most popular cookies in France.
  • Is Macaron the most popular sweet in France? Yes. In Paris, the most sold ‘sweet’ is macarons, beating its French rivals the éclair and gateaux by double!
  • Who were the Macaron sisters? Nancy also became popular for its macarons after two nuns seeking asylum in the French Revolution baked them to pay for their housing. Their recipe has remained a secret in Nancy for 150 years and is still sold to this day.They were called the Macaron sisters.
  • Is there really a day dedicated to Macarons? World celebrates Macaron day started by Herme.They raise money for charities with hundreds of stores giving away a free macaron.

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