Our Monsoon Boxes go out in June and July

About Us

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first ~ Ernestine Ulmer

We totally agree with Ernestine, We at Trick or Treats love desserts and we want to bring this love of ours to all the dessert lovers in the city. 

We are the answer to you desserts cravings for every month. 

We are a monthly dessert subscription box company and we will be delivering sweetness to your life at your doorstep with a box of handpicked artisan treats each month.

We will be scouting and selecting the best of treats and desserts every month to be included in your Trick or Treats box.

You know what is stressed spelled backwards, it's desserts and we don't believe that's a mere coincidence. So say goodbye to all your worries and stress with the monthly dessert box from Trick or Treats :)